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Reasons to Be a Youth Representative

    Raise Awareness

    • Young people around the world face a host of adult-sized problems, including poverty, lack of education, discrimination and illness. Because groups of people get accustomed to the way things are within their own cultures, others may not be aware of the problems that youth from a specific region face. Youth representatives are in a position to get the facts about concerns directly from the lips of the youth that they represent. They then can report these facts to other people and raise awareness of the problems that are present. This is crucial to solving youth issues, because people cannot pose a solution to a problem if they do not know a problem exists.

    Provide Support and Resources

    • Youth representatives know from their work experience what youths need or would find beneficial. They can take this knowledge and lobby with businesses, organizations and governments for the resources that the youths need in order to achieve academic success and have a high quality of life. Even if these youths receive limited aid, their self-esteem may rise if they know that the youth representative tried hard and that there are people who are willing to help.

    Promote Diversity and Community

    • Youth representatives advocate for all kinds of people. When they get together with other representatives or travel as a representative to other regions, they promote the idea of diversity and community. They show people that other cultures exist and therefore they may be able to present unique perspectives on youth issues based on their own experience and culture. This could lead to a greater number of overall solutions to youth issues.

    Become Self-Enriched

    • Youth representatives travel to many different geographical locations and are exposed to a plethora of different attractions and ways of living. Thus, they develop a broader sense of the world, its people and history. They learn how to communicate across language barriers and develop positive skills of listening, persuasion and debate. They also have the chance to be independent and proactive. Overall, these opportunities produce a youth representative who is self-enriched and who has a wide, strong skill set. This leaves the youth representative well prepared for other personal and business tasks that they may face in the future.

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