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Is promotional clothing more important than promotional items?

In an attempt to target potential customers or clients, a company has to advertise and market itself in the best way possible. However, with so many unique possibilities available, yet without a budget sizeable enough to test each of them, what is a company going to do?

In the realm of promotional products and merchandise, promotional clothing is just one of many options available to businesses as a means of marketing and showing off their logo. Although they are closely related and most companies would go for a combo of both promotional items and promotional clothing in their marketing efforts, what if they only have the budget to try just one of them?

Here's a list of the pros and cons of promotional clothing, compared to other types of promotional merchandise:


They're mobile: When an individual wearing promotional clothing moves, the brand moves with them. In comparison to some stationary stationery (sorry!), a brand is arguably much more eye-catching if it sits on a person, particularly if you are conversing with them.

They can be the workwear of your staff: Promotional clothing is typically adorned by workers, particularly in the trades, in bars and pubs and in stores. This could be ideal when a full-on suit isn't appropriate and unsuitable for the work involved, but comes across as more professional than the employees wearing their everyday clothes. Not only that, but it is another opportunity to get the brand spotted.

There is more room for experimentation: There are so many types of fashion available that can be branded with a logo - hoodies, hats, trousers, aprons, sportswear, coats, fleeces... - that a company doesn't have to just opt for the typical promotional t-shirt or polo shirt. Although promotional merchandise also provide a pretty much infinite variety of opportunities, the more unique merchandise could be a lot more pricey.


They are not your "everyday" promotional products: As typical and ordinary as pens and mugs may be, they are also likely to be used, held and noticed every day. For a potential customer or client, it is another reminder that your products are merely a phonecall away. The same may not apply to clothing, especially depending on the kind - for example, winter wear is seasonal, whilst an item of clothing such as an apron may only be useful in particular situations.

If given away, they might not be used: In terms of promotional gifts, clothing might not be at all appropriate. A mug or pen might be given as a gift and will probably get on-going usage. A hoodie or polo shirt though? Maybe not as often, unless we're thinking about a band or musician who sells branded fashion. In these instances, promotional products might be more suited.

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