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Your Web Design Company Should Deliver On User Expectations

Strong Websites Deliver On An Expectation, Reinforced By The Experience. Steady streams of traffic are meaningless if the on-site experience is poor.

Having a good website experience is satisfying and memorable. Isn't that what you want for your visitors? People who have a difficult time navigating your site, who arent engaging with information, who are bombarded with wildly abundant advertising, or getting time-crushed by a slow website will do very little to escalate a website owner to market-share success.

You dont want to just occupy the Internet, you want to dominate it. Make it happen through a valued, positive experience, and your stories about the road to success will be rich with tales of visitor happiness (and who knows you could get a nice testimonial to use on your site).

Think about it, you have your own experiences on the web that help distinguish clarity from static, as do your website visitors (those of today and the potentials waiting to find your website tomorrow).

In a world where the average attention span is less than two minutes we need to eliminate waiting. Are you waiting for your audience to visit your site or are potential visitors waiting to find your website? If you're the one waiting, be prepared to keep waiting. Waiting is a good indicator of the need for improvement. Waiting is also a warning sign of being reactive rather than proactive.

Let's not get all philosophical about it, but the bottom line is if you are not sending out strong web signals, your audiences is definitely not finding them. Instead, they are finding your competitors, and well that is not good for you. I mean surely you think your product or message is better, right? Treat it so!

But my competitors suck!

Okay, so your audience have found your competitors and have run into a poor experience. In that case, your potential audience is actually waiting to find you. In the meantime, theyre engaging with second or third best (or worse and trust us, they arent at all happy about it). This then is your opportunity to shine, so partner with an agency to make it happen. But remember, the more they are frequenting your competitors' websites, you're more youre missing out on the opportunity to deliver meaningful experiences and negating your chances for success. Its like a war for traffic and brand loyalty -- lets win it and move on, shall we?

You have questions, we know you do

Is your website frustrating visitors? Do you know? Are you making people want to leave and resulting in being a testimonial for your competitors? Is there too much content? These are questions you need to ask both web professional and your visitors. You'll read more about reading data (through analytics), but know that data collection and a professional agency like will help answer these questions in a constructive, success-driven manner.

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