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Ultra Fashion Clothes - 2011 Swimwear Trends

When it comes to women's swimwear the options can seem overwhelming! If you are not one of those women who own a dozen or more bathing suits than it can be hard to know which ones are best for your body type and what the current fashion trends are. In the world of fashion clothes, trends are constantly changing but in the world of swim wear [] the trends stay pretty much the same, it's the colors and patterns that change on a month-to-month basis. Let us help you get up to date with women's casual clothing and choose the right bathing suit for you!

Let's go through the different trend pieces you have to choose from.

•The classic halter top is one that provides optimal push-up opportunities as well as coverage for those looking to play beach sports in their bathing suit! Although the halter top is a classic there are still many variations on this traditional piece to choose from.

•The string bikini top and bottom have always been at the top of women's swimwear wish lists and this is not likely to change any time soon. The string bikini provides the perfect combination of minimal coverage, sexy style and function that women crave when they want to spend a day by the pool or tanning on the beach.

•Scoop bottoms are another popular bottom style for women who are looking to cover up more than the string bikini is able to cover! These bottoms are perfect for those looking to do more than just lie in the sun. No matter what activity you are planning to do, you can be sure a scoop bottom will keep you covered.

•The 1-piece is not obsolete just yet! Many women still feel the 1-piece is by far the most flattering bathing suit option to choose from. No matter what your body type, a 1-piece bathing suit will fit you perfectly and keep you covered.

•A modern twist on the 1-piece is known as the monokin or the 4-way stretch suit. These bathing suits are the base of a 1-piece with strategic cut outs along the sides and back to add a sexy style to this traditional style for those looking for it. Although this swim suit option is not quite functional it is great for lounging and showing off your figure in the right situation!

In 2011, you are going to see a great deal of patterns and less solid colors. The swimwear industry heads in a similar direction as the women's casual clothing industry and patterns are a thing of the future.

To find affordable swimwear or women's casual clothing of any kind consider surfing the net and doing your shopping from home. You may be surprised just how many options there are online and how much can be saved through exclusive online sales. Enjoy this year's swimwear line and experiment with different styles and trends you haven't worn before. You may be surprised as to what looks good and what doesn't when you give it a try.

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