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Jobs That Only Require a Bachelor's Degree


    • Teachers work in many different educational settings. They may help first graders learn to read, assist high school students with advanced studies in European history or work with pupils who have special educational needs. Most states require teacher candidates to have at least a bachelor's degree. Many states require teachers to have postsecondary credits in the education field. Those who do not have such credits but have qualifications in fields facing shortages, such as math, may be able to seek employment straight out of school. State academic licensing boards may later require students to take education classes while they teach. Teachers may also be required to complete additional academic classes or even a master's degree to attain additional salary increases or promotion to management.

    Registered Nurses

    • Registered nurses care for patients. To become an RN, one may complete a two-year or four-year degree. Those who complete a bachelor of science in nursing may be granted advantages in the hiring process. Completion of a BSN allows one to be hired as a nurse, provided he has passed state licensing exams. A nurse may later choose to complete additional certifications to specialize in a specific area of health care, such as pediatrics or gerontology.


    • An actuary analyzes financial data. Actuaries help design pension plans, determine insurance company rates, explain financial matters to less informed laypeople and help banks manage their capital. Many actuaries are hired once they've graduated from a four-year college and passed certification exams. Those who wish employment as an actuary should major in a field that focuses on numbers, such as economics, mathematics, finance, actuarial science or statistics. If you find higher math challenging and interesting, a job as an actuary can be an ideal choice.


    • Dieticians help people with food choices. A dietician may help a diabetic learn to prepare a low-fat meal, assist someone in losing weight or help hospital officials design menus that meet desired guidelines. Potential dieticians should major in courses focusing on nutrition and food science. Employment as a dietician may require additional steps to gain state licensure.


    • An accountant works with tasks related to numbers. Accountants help prepare tax statements, assist businesses in tracking expenses and work to ensure that companies are in compliance with all local regulations. To become an accountant, it is necessary to complete a bachelor's degree with an undergraduate major in accounting. Many accountants also receive additional training in the field of tax law and computer-related software.

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