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How to Remove Stains From Embroidered Saree

Saris are the immense part of Indian ethnic clothing styles. Every part of the country has a different culture and a unique style of sari which can be seen in the fabric used to make the saree as well as the draping style followed by them. These can be very expensive or affordable according to the fabric and work used to make the sari. However no matter what kind of saree you are wearing or you have, having stains on them is the last thing you want. Some of us try to be very careful while wearing our best saris in family functions. Curry stains, oily stains, makeup stains and the most dreaded tea or coffee stains are the most worst ones.

If anything is worse than having stains on saree is having stains on the embroidery saree. These are the most difficult one to remove due to the intricate patterns created by the threads. Most of the embroidery saris have soft fabrics hence one cannot be harsh with them for cleaning and getting rid of the stains. Moreover try to find out more details about the fabric and embroidery from the embroidery saree suppliers. Before you start rubbing the hell out of that saree, try these simple tips for getting rid of that stain:

Identify the stain: before starting the cleaning process, it is better to identify the stain type. This will help you to assess the right method of cleaning. Some types of stains are protein stains (meat, eggs, deodorant, blood and sweat), nail paint stains, lipstick stains, chocolate, oil, gravy, grease, milk, coffee, tea, and so on. Once the stain is identified, it can be cleaned well.

Soak in water: soak the part stained in water immediately to get rid of the deodorant, milk, tea, coffee, gravy and such stains which settle with time. Gently rub it to remove them.

Take it to dry cleaners: if soaking in water is not helping and if the fabric is too delicate to handle, try to take the saree to the dry cleaners immediately. It is better to deal with the stain immediately otherwise it will settle down, making it more difficult to remove.

Avoid bleaching: never ever use bleach to remove stains from the embroidery saree. It can rob off the colors used in the saree affecting the overall look.

It is always better to take professional help to get rid of the stains. They are aware of how to deal with them precisely.

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